Thistle Hill British White Beef

Yes, we do sell beef!

We keep steers for butcher and sell by the 1/4, 1/2 or whole beef.  Our local butcher does the custom processing for us and we price our meat by the hanging weight per pound and the customer will also pay the butcher for the processing cost.  Please contact us to place your name on our butcher list.

Thistle Hill sends our steers to the butcher at around 20 to 22 months of age.  The hanging weight normally runs around 850 to 925 pounds for a whole, 425 to 465 pounds for a half, or 213 to 233 pounds for a 1/4.  If you were to purchase a quarter beef, you would receive part of both the front and hind quarter.  In other words, a side (1/2) of beef would be divided  in half with both front and hind portions included.  You would pick how thick to have your steaks cut, how many per package, it you wish to have the ox tail or bones for broth, and many other choices.

If you have never purchased beef from a producer directly, you have no idea how wonderful and wholesome it really is!  We do not use growth hormones nor steroids with our cattle.    Just in case you need more encouragement, below is a photo of some rib eye steaks I took out of the freezer and grilled.