Thistle Hill British White Cattle

British White cow Sally with her new born bull calf.

Our average birth weight is 60 to 75 pounds for heifer calves and 65 to 8 pounds for bull calves.  Our cows average from 1000 to 1500 pounds and our bull range from 1600 to 2000 pounds.  Both cows and bulls are very docile in nature which is a universal theme in the British White breed.

British White cattle do not have horns.  They are considered a smooth polled breed.  They are noted for fertility, calving ease, efficiency and trouble free.  They are very curious and our vet considers them easy to work with.  Standard markings are white with black or red points on their nose, muzzle, pigment around they eyes, ears, teats of cows or rudimentary teats of bulls, hooves and splash or spots of color on the front of each fetlock.

Thistle Hill British White Cattle is a proud member of the British White Cattle Association of America, LTd.  Don’t be fooled by cattle that have similar color patterns or are marketed as  “registerable” British White cattle.  Ask to see their registration certificate prior to purchasing any British White cattle. I have dealt with so many disappointed people who have purchased cattle that were not actual British White cattle but had been marketed as such.  Just ask to see their registration certificate and choose British White Cattle for a solid start for your herd.