Thistle Hill Garden Produce and Raspberries

Thistle Hill also produces fantastic garden produce in our 24′ X 96′ high tunnel!

We have canning tomatoes available by the bushel starting in August.  These are Big Mama tomatoes and are wonderfully flavorful for eating as well as canning.  They are huge, no more skinning those tiny paste tomatoes.  Just a few will fill a quart jar!

The stars of our garden are the fall bearing raspberries!  These perfect berries start bearing in late August and often produce through most of October.  Since they are so fragile, we take orders for pints and you can pick up or we deliver (close by) the same day.  We are not a U Pick garden as we are extremely careful not to bring any outside problems into the delicate environment of the high tunnel.

We also grow the most lovely garlic and normally have extra to sell to others.  This is harvested in July and available later in that month.  Each clove is usually the size of your thumb.